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A staging website is a website with a particular suffix that does not consume a 'Website' package allowance. A staging website has all the same features as a standard websites except domain mapping and emails.

A staging website can be identified by a STG tag.

Add a staging website:

To add a staging website:

  1. Open Websites in the left side bar
  2. Click Add new
  3. Select either Start from scratch ,Install an app or Clone a website and select the Make this a staging site checkbox
  4. Click Add to finish

Push a staging website live

To push a staging website live:

  1. Open Websites in the left side bar
  2. Select the staging website you would like to push live
  3. On the website dashboard select Push live
  4. When the modal loads input a domain and click push live to finish


Staging domains doesn't get a Let's Encrypt Certificate

If a certificate has not automatically issued, please:

  1. Ensure the 'staging domain' set in 'Settings' > 'Plafform' > 'Platform domains' resolves. LetsEncrypt requires this in order to issue an SSL for any subdomains of it.
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